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Pluto: Tight Ends and Big Targets Will be Important

In his weekly Sunday column, the Plain Dealer's Terry Pluto talked about the importance that the team's tight ends will play in the offense this season. A "team operative" told Pluto that dropped passes would be "death to the [West Coast] offense," meaning having players on the roster who can catch the ball at a high percentage is a high priority. That seems like an obvious statement, but it leads Pluto into his point about the team being really high on all three of their pass-catching tight ends, Ben Watson, Evan Moore, and Jordan Cameron.

Pluto also mentions how tight ends coach Steve Hagen will be an asset this season. He was kept on board from the Eric Mangini regime because the front office believes he is the right guy to make Moore and Cameron into better blockers and better route runners. In addition, Pluto talks about the influence Hagen had on Greg Little being drafted in the second round:

Hagen also played a key role when it came to the decision to draft Greg Little. After Heckert and his staff zeroed in on the wide receiver from North Carolina as a good prospect for the second round, they spent a lot of time checking Little's character. He was suspended for the entire season in 2010 for accepting benefits from an agent. Hagen was on the staff of North Carolina coach Butch Davis in 2008-09 when Little was there. He gave Little a strong endorsement as a person and player.

In the rest of Pluto's article, he talks about how Little's size will help players like Mohamed Massaquoi and Brian Robiskie; be sure to check it out.