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Tom Heckert Speaks On Free Agency at Golf Outing

Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert was at the Cleveland Browns Foundation Golf Tournament at Firestone Country Club on Tuesday. The local media caught up with Heckert to ask him several questions about free agency. Heckert again confirmed to fans that the team does not plan to go "gung-ho" in free agency, but they have their eye on a few players who they think might help them. Heckert, along with head coach Pat Shurmur, were asked about several positions. Here is a summary of what was learned or confirmed from previous "rumors":

  • Quarterback: Heckert shot down the rumor of the team being interested in acquiring Kevin Kolb from the Eagles. In fact, Heckert came right out and said, "we're not trading for a quarterback." Period, end of statement. I better not hear Michael Lombardi fabricate another rumor about the Browns quarterback situation this year. Heckert also said the team will have to sit down and talk with veteran Jake Delhomme to decide what is best for him and the organization when free agency starts. The translation for that is this: will Delhomme take a drastic pay cut to be a second- or third-stringer in Cleveland, or does he want to go to a team where he might still have a glimmer of hope to start for more money?
  • Fullback: Shurmur was asked that if Vickers was correct when he suggested that he might not be back. Shurmur gave the same standard response that we have heard in the past -- it's tough to tell, as the lockout has prevented them from speaking with their free agents as they normally would.
  • Safety: Last year's starter, Abram Elam, continues to be absent from all quotes by Heckert and company. I'm surprised that no one in the media has come right out and asked about retaining Elam as an option; I'd be interested in hearing Heckert's response. Heckert noted that veteran Mike Adams is currently penciled in at safety, but that they can still improve at the position via free agency and by looking at some undrafted free agents.