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PFT: Worst Moments for Browns Since 1987

The worst moments in Browns history (since 1987). That sounds like something we would like to hear about, right? Pro Football Talk is covering the "worst moments" for all of the NFL teams, and Mike Florio picked the top four worst moments on Wednesday. Click here for Florio's video where he reveals the list.

PFT's Worst Moments for Cleveland Browns

4. 1987 Championship Game (Loss to Denver)
3. 2002 Wildcard Game (Loss to Pittsburgh)
2. 1989 Championship Game (Loss to Denver)
1. Modell Bolts to Baltimore

I think the last one was a no-brainer. The 2002 playoff game was a terrible moment, but were there more worthy choices? The list seems to be based on incidents/games that can be clearly defined, instead of a recurring problem. For example, you could say the constant change in management has been a downfall for the franchise, but can that be defined by one specific "moment?" Sound off in the comments section.