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Former Browns TE Robert Royal Will Play for Whoever Calls

In case you forgot due to the lengthy lockout, the Cleveland Browns released veteran tight end Robert Royal before the lockout, pretty much confirming that he will not be back next season. When the New Orleans Saints' front office heard this nugget from Royal at his football camp though, I imagine they were beaming with excitement:

"Being from here, I'd love to come home and hopefully play at home for one of my years, but that's just me doing wishful thinking," Royal said.

At least Royal didn't overrate his skills, in reference to his "wishful thinking" comment. At the end of the day, he admitted that he'll be happy just to have someone who wants him:

"But at the end of the day, I don't mind. An opportunity is an opportunity, and I'll just make the best out of it. So whichever team rings the phone, I'll try and make the best out of it."

Obviously Royal's comment is not a negotiation or anything, but will we start seeing players put some more "feelers" out there in the media to stir up interest as the anticipated end to the lockout draws closer?