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Cabot: Massaquoi Learning His Position From NFL Veterans

How would you like to see a little bit of Chad Ochocinco, Hines Ward, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, and Wes Welker all in one player this season? Third year Cleveland Browns receiver Mohamed Massaquoi has spoken to, worked out with, and/or watched film with those players at various points this offseason, showing that he has not limited himself to just participating in Colt McCoy's offensive minicamps to improve.

Per Cabot, Massaquoi said that each of the receivers brought something unique to the table:

"If you watch Chad, you watch his feet," said Massaquoi. "You watch Larry and you see how he adjusts to certain balls. You watch Calvin, how smooth and controlled he is at all times. Hines and Wes Welker, they understand the game so well. It's not always about just running out there and running a route. They really understand what they're doing out there."

One of the alarming quotes from Massaquoi during his interview with Cabot was about film study:

"It's just different, because somebody actually taught them how to watch film," said Massaquoi. "They know how to break down film. They're not just watching it as a game, or watching it as a fan. They're looking for tendencies and things. Every guy watches film a little bit differently, but you can see the difference it makes in their game."

Massaquoi spoke as if the way these veterans watch film was something completely foreign to him. Does that mean our receivers coaches (or whoever was responsible for showing film the past two seasons) was not doing their job appropriately? Apparently, Massaquoi thought "film study" was just a time to see "how the other team has performed this season" rather than finding out ways to pick up a competitive advantage.