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Photos from Camp Colt IV & Attendee List

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has published some photos from Camp Colt IV, which started on Sunday and will conclude today. Monday's session took place at Westlake High School football stadium in Austin, Texas. If I am not mistaken, this is the first time that photos have been available from one of these sessions during the lockout.

Mary Kay Cabot also had an article up about how Colt McCoy acted as the "coach" of the offense and Scott Fujita acted as the "coach" of the defense.

The workout was patterned after a normal minicamp practice, with players in shorts and T-shirts and no contact permitted. It began with warm-ups and position drills, then moved into 7-on-7s. McCoy coached the offense while Fujita coached the defense.

At least 30 players showed up to the beginning of the three-day camp, and a few more were expected to arrive for the final day on Tuesday.