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Fujita: "We Could Play a Game Next Week if We Had To"

Camp Colt IV is over, and hopefully the next time everyone gets together, it will be for an "official training camp session." With that said, it is not as though the time spent in Austin, Texas was a waste by any stretch of the imagination. Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita (and presumably the defensive captain) talked with Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer after the camp and had some positive things to say:

"Based on what we did this weekend and what we have, we could play a game next week if we had to," said Fujita on Tuesday's conclusion of Camp Colt IV. "It's not an ideal situation, but it's basic enough where we can just go play."

Fujita noted that veterans Chris Gocong and Sheldon Brown, who ran a similar 4-3 defensive scheme with the Philadelphia Eagles, jumped right in to assist Fujita in explaining how the defense works. Fujita also told Cabot that linebacker D'Qwell Jackson already mastered the playbook, and he believes he can really shine this year:

"I think a system like this is tailor-made for a guy with his skill set, his body type," said Fujita. "It lets guys just play fast. I'm talking about the hybrid Eagles/Chicago Bears defense. That's the kind of system I think [Jackson] was born to play in because his range sideline-to-sideline is so good. He doesn't have to two-gap and take on offensive guards who outweigh him by 120 pounds sometimes. He's going to have a chance to use his athleticism, run around, avoid blocks, shoot gaps, and make way more plays than he's ever made before -- and he's already a tackling machine."

Now let's hope the good news continues a little over a week today.