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Cribbs Sheds Weight; Thinks Coaches Will be Impressed

Don't connect the two parts of the subject line right away -- it doesn't mean Joshua Cribbs thinks coaches will be impressed that he sheds weight. Instead, he thinks that the offseason offensive camps have prepared the Cleveland Browns so well for the West Coast Offense (like regular minicamps would), that the coaches will be impressed with how quickly they are ready to roll when training camp starts:

"We won't have to start from scratch," he said. "We already have some of the terminology and timing down. We're heavily into the playbook and we think the coaches will be surprised."

Cribbs praised the rookies such as Jordan Cameron, Greg Little, and Owen Marecic for showing up to camp (now we just have to hope these guys don't hold out due to whatever the new rookie wage scale ends up being). Cribbs also added that thanks to the workout he has been doing since earlier this offseason, he is back to his "playing weight" of between 215 and 220 pounds. He was up to 240 pounds at one point.