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Writer of Harrison Article Calls Colt McCoy an Idiot

The writer of the now-popular James Harrison article, Paul Solotaroff, is soaking in his 15 minutes of fame as much as he can. Solotaroff claims that Harrison's comments about the Steelers' players, such as Ben Roethlisberger, were not out of context, and that he has more material that went unused.

According to Pro Football Talk, in an interview with ESPN Radio, Solotaroff then briefly mentioned Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy (although he did not reference him by name):

Regarding what may have been the most violent of Harrison’s hits last season, the brutal blow to Browns receiver Mohamed Massaquoi, Solotaroff said that if you’re looking for someone to blame, blame Browns quarterback Colt McCoy.

“Massaquoi is coming across the middle and only an idiot kid quarterback is going to lead his receiver — lead his receiver! — into a zone knowing that James Harrison is lurking back there,” Solotaroff said.

Is this guy trying to be Harrison's new agent representative or something? It's almost like this is a heel manager in the WWE promoting how much of a beast his client is. The article mentions that Solotaroff is a big fan of Harrison's, and perhaps even a Steelers fan, so it's no surprise to see him throw a jab in at the Browns.