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Walker: Escalator's in Colt McCoy's Contract

ESPN's James Walker wrote an article about the escalators in Colt McCoy's contract for the Cleveland Browns, one of which was set off last year. Due to how much McCoy played last year as a rookie, his fourth-year salary increases from $650,000 to $1.15 million.

According to Walker, McCoy can tack on an additional $625,000 in 2013 if he meets certain requirements this season. That money can come in chunks:

  • If McCoy take's 70% of the team's snaps and one of the following happens: the Browns win 10 games OR make the playoffs, he earns $250,000.
  • If McCoy takes 80% of the team's snaps AND finishes in the top 10 in any of the six major quarterback categories (i.e. touchdowns thrown), he earns $250,000.
  • If McCoy makes the Pro Bowl, he earns $125,000.

Even as an optimist, I can't see McCoy being a Pro Bowler this year. He should take 80% of the snaps, satisfying half of the first two requirements. Whether or not he meets the other half of those requirements will depend on how good the Browns are as a team.