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Colt McCoy Motivated by Low Expectations from National Media

Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy was on WKNR 850 to talk with Tony Rizzo and company during Friday afternoon's show. Most of the interview was the same type of stuff we've heard from McCoy this offseason, including him saying that his shoulder is 100%. The most interesting answer I found came when he talked about his expectations for the Browns this season and his reaction to the members of the national media who doubt the team's chances:

What the expectations are this season for the Browns:

"My expectations will never change since I started college and since I got into the NFL and that’s to win. I think every one of my teammates know that and I know that’s their goal after spending a lot of time with them this offseason and really getting to know the guys on the team. Last year was a little bit crazy because yeah I was a part of it early on but I kinda got thrown in there and didn’t have that much time and preparation and guys didn’t gel that well and therefore our season was a little up and down.

After spending a lot of time with everybody our goal is to win. We play in a tough division. We play Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati twice a year and ultimately that’s where we have to win to make a difference. I think for me, for our team and for our organization it’s not going to change. Our goal is to win and we’re gonna do everything we can to get that done. We know we face some pretty good obstacles. Not having an offseason, switching our defense, switching our offense, new head coach, and new system. Every team goes through that and those are no excuses. You can’t change the lockout. We’re doing the things we need to do and our goal is to win that’s for sure."

Whether or not people nationally having low expectations for the Browns is something that fuels the team:

"If that kind of stuff doesn’t motivate you than you’re not a competitor. That all fuels the fire a little bit."

McCoy's a gamer and I hope his leadership is paired with a solid play this year, because that would make an awesome combination and allow us to finally settle on a franchise quarterback. You can listen to the full interview with Rizzo here.