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2011 Salary Cap Set at $120 Million, Per ESPN

Back in February, we had a post here on Dawgs By Nature that talked about the Cleveland Browns' salary cap figure. At the time, it was reported that the Browns were in the lower half of the league at $99.2 million, and there was speculation that the salary cap could go up to around $135 million.

According to John Clayton of ESPN, the salary cap has been set at $120 million. There will be a guarantee that teams have to spend at least 90% of that amount, which translates to $108 million. I'm not sure if that figure from February includes players who were released by the Browns before the lockout. Keep in mind that when we restructure or release Jake Delhomme, more room should be cleared. After paying some of the rookies, the Browns should have plenty of room to make some stabs at a couple of free agents. With teams forced to spend a certain amount though, the Browns won't be alone if they try to aggressively pursue certain individuals.