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Elimination of Two-a-Day Training Camp Sessions

Remember those two-a-day training camp sessions we became accustomed to for the Cleveland Browns (as did many other teams across the league) in past years? According to a report by ESPN, part of the new collective bargaining agreement is supposed to disallow having two regular sessions in one day:

One key concession made by the owners will effectively eliminate two-a-day practices during training camp as a health and safety issue that players termed critical to an agreement, the sources said. Teams will be allowed to have some helmetless and padless non-contact walk-through practices in lieu of a second training camp practice on the same day.

I don't really see this having a huge impact. With the Browns, there were times when the evening practice was cancelled based on the players "earning" it in the morning session. There were other times were one session or the other involved hardly any contact drills. It basically sounds like there won't be any two-a-day practices involving contact.

Offseason training activities are expected to be cut down too, among other things to make it easier on players:

According to source, teams will also reduce offseason workouts from 15 on-field organized team activities (practices) to nine. Six of those nine practices must be helmetless. Players also will not be subject to reporting for offseason work with coaches until May 1, although one source said that date could be in mid-April. Previously, players could work with coaches beginning in March. March 15 was the designated date in 2011 before the lockout went into effect March 13.