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Colt McCoy Talks About His Experiences Last Season in Book

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I didn't even realize Colt McCoy came out with a book. Titled, "Growing Up Colt," it mostly takes a behind-the-scenes look at McCoy's life and football growing up. I anticipate getting my hands on a copy soon now; should make for some good reading material before the season starts.

The Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi received a copy and found quite a few quotes from McCoy and his family regarding his path to being the Cleveland Browns' starting quarterback last season. He mentioned what he was thinking when Jake Delhomme went back in to the Atlanta game after an injury to Seneca Wallace, and how he was delivered the news that he'd be starting against Pittsburgh:

Everyone knew Jake's ankle wasn't ready, but Coach Mangini sent him back on the field to play anyway. That sent a signal loud and clear that Coach was doing everything he could to not give me the ball.


Ever since I reported to training camp, I had gotten the message loud and clear: Colt, you're not going to play this year. Your job is to watch and listen. When I walked into the Browns' headquarters that morning, however, I was greeted like a long-lost family member who had unexpectedly shown up at a McCoy summer reunion.

I marched into Coach Mangini's office, and he warmly greeted me and offered me a chair. 'Colt, we need to get you ready for this weekend against Pittsburgh. You're starting.'

Grossi also highlights McCoy's "I'm not scared" speech to his teammates prior to his first start, and what his family was hearing from Steelers fans in the crowd before and after the game.

Has anyone out there had a chance to check out McCoy's book yet?