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AFC North Makes a Late Run to Tie for "Lockout Crime"

According to the Baltimore Sun, the AFC North has made a late run to tie for the division lead in "lockout crime."  The AFC West, AFC South, NFC North and NFC East each had four arrests during the lockout. Up until July 9, the AFC North didn't have a single arrest during the lockout, so it surprisingly seemed as if the division would make it with a clean record.

Then, in the span of basically one week, Hines Ward decided to drive under the influence, Pacman Jones was charged with disorderly conduct, safety Marvin White had an assault charge, and Cedric Benson was charged with assaulting a family member. Maybe Ray Lewis' warnings earlier this offseason got through to his teammates, because none of the Ravens have had issues. Thankfully, no one on the Cleveland Browns have had issues either. We haven't even had to worry about smaller issues like a defensive lineman bringing a gun to an airport.