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TE Aaron Shea Hired as New Director of Player Engagement

The Cleveland Browns have hired former tight end Aaron Shea as their new director of player engagement. That position was previously held by Jerry Butler for 12 years before he was let go following the 2010 season. Per the Plain Dealer, Shea's duties will include, "helping players transition into and out of their careers and help prepare them for life after football."

Shea retired a couple years ago, but his employment with the Browns is nothing new. In an interview with at the end of May, Shea talked about his love for being around the organization (he helped sell suites and was involved in some front office stuff last year):

Q: You like that job?

AS: "I love my job, love being around the game of football, getting to know (Browns head coach) Pat Shurmur. I’ve known Pat and I know Pat’s a Michigan State guy, but he’s a great guy. He recruited me. I've known Pat since 1994 and I couldn’t be more happy with the way Michigan’s headed and the way the Cleveland Browns are headed. Being around guys like Pat Shurmur, coach (Mike) Holmgren, (general manager) Tom Heckert, these are football guys. I’m a football guy. Who knows what the future holds, but as long as I’m working for the Browns, I’m a happy guy."

Q: What are those aspirations? Do you want to be higher in the front office?

AS: "I think you always want to move up. I set goals for myself but I’ve been told you have to be patient with your goals, work hard, keep your mouth shut and just do your job and things will take care of themselves."

He did move up into what sounds like a more secure, long-term position with the team.