On-Topic: Fantasy Football


Yes, it's almost that time of year again, time to start thinking about your fantasy football plans! (Assuming we actually have a full, normal NFL football season in 2011.)

This FanPost is essentially a place for brainstorming everything fantasy football related. I'd like to start with where we left off at the end of last season, firstly in terms of the league distribution of managers (teams) that are avid DBN fans. Two important things I learned last year are, 1: the demand is pretty high, though, 2: 14 teams is far too many for a single league. Another important factor is that you want EVERYONE to be fairly active to maintain balanced play. With these things in mind, my thought is to lower the teams for the "Unofficial DBN Fan League" (UDFL for short) to 10 teams, than allow for a possible 3rd league of DBNers, which based on last years number of requests, is doable. Having 3 leagues could make for some kind of awesome showdown at the end? 

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This is where the rest of you come in. Throw some ideas out there as to what we could do among the 3 champions from each league, maybe some kind of Week 17 Sudden Death or something of that nature? Maybe try to utilize the playoffs in some way? Even if we only end up with 2 leagues, I still think we could do something to decide an ultimate winner. 

For example, here is an idea I just though of:

Since most fantasy leagues do not play into Week 17 due to the potential of real-life players being sat to avoid injury, we could take advantage of the winners being decided by then. And ask each of them to pick 1 QB, 1 WR, and 1 RB from their teams, hopefully having a guess of who might be sat, and once declared, we can add up the scores with a neutral set of scoring settings for this specific showdown. Obviously, the highest scorer from this even would be the ultimate DBN championship. Any of the details can be refined to create what ever is likely to work the best. 

Another thing that I'd like to take this opportunity to do is gauge possible interest for a more regular fantasy football related FanPost. As many of you already know, I'm a huge fantasy football nut and would love to share thoughts, strategies, sit/start, ect. more than just the sort of random fantasy questions in various front page articles. I remember last season we did have a designated Fantasy Football posts that worked as hubs for the related discussion that week, this could work as that as well. 

One last thing I'm opening this thread up for is anything else fantasy football related. Essentially, this is an open thread for the particular topic. Up and coming players, potential busts, sleepers, ect. We can make this the sort of initial fantasy football thoughts thread, as I'm sure plenty more posts are to come too (If we have a season). Things are also sure to change after a few pre-season games as well (If we have a pre-season). If we end up having a broken season (actual missed regular season games), fantasy football, IMO, is going to be FUBAR. Screwed up or absurdly late drafts, and it would fall apart more from there. If such is the case, I'm not sure how we'll proceed, so lets all keep our fingers crossed. 

There is still an official FanPost on the way for the Unofficial DBN Fan League when we've settled on how things will be distributed, in terms of managers (teams), and how the possible winners' championship will work. Again, throw any ideas out below. We can try determine a draft date for our league after that. One last quick heads up, I do expect 2-3 openings for the UDFL, even with only 10 teams, but priority will go towards regulars this time around, which is to encourage 100% of the teams stay active. (Some invites for returning active members have already been sent out when the league was renewed.)

Of course, all of this is subject to Chris' approval. 

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