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Shurmur Talks About What His Approach Will Be

When the lockout finally does end, hopefully before Tuesday, what approach will Browns head coach Pat Shurmur take in evaluating where his players are at? He explained to the Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi:

"I think what's gonna happen when they show up is we'll see where they're at physically, what they've learned on their own and then move forward from that point. Based on what I've read (about the players-only camps), I feel good about the fact our players have taken the opportunity to get together. I think that will be helpful in ways."

The Browns' first scheduled day of training camp had been July 30, which is next Wednesday. If a lockout is ended in the next couple of days, there's a slight chance they could still open on that date. However, if things get pushed past July 23, things might get bumped back another day or two.

Either way, the Plain Dealer also has an article up about how the folks in Berea (the people who run the facilities, not the front office) are busy preparing for the expected arrival of the Browns and fans for training camp 2011.