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Holmgren Comments on a Possible Playbook Reduction

Cleveland Browns team president Mike Holmgren was busy at the motorcycle rally at Browns Stadium on Saturday, but the Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi still caught up with him to ask him some questions on the lockout. Holmgren told Grossi that he would be surprised if camp didn't open next week. He then commented on whether the Browns would be shrinking their playbook like the Patriots' Bill Belichick indicated his team would do:

"He has a plan of installing the offensive and defensive schemes," Holmgren said. "[They've decided to] stick with the plan, but I think we have to be aware of how it is different this year in time. And if we feel we're having bad practices because guys are making too many mistakes that they shouldn't make, then probably at that point you have to consider toning it down just a little bit. But until they show us they can't absorb it, it's full speed ahead."

Certainly sounds reasonable. I know playbooks can be detailed and not everyone has the same football IQ, but for what these guys are getting paid, they should be working extra hard to get all of the intricacies of the playbook down pat before the regular season commences.