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Cleveland Browns Free Agent Review: CB Eric Wright

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The NFL Lockout is over, and with free agency getting ready to begin, we are ready to take a look at our final player: a cornerback who had a lot of supporters up until last season.

CB Eric Wright

How and When He Joined the Browns: He was drafted in the second round of the 2007 NFL Draft. He was a highly touted prospect, but he fell to the second round due to some character issues he had in college. He jumped in as a starter almost right away in his rookie season.

Productivity Level Last Season: For the first three years of his career, Wright was a solid cornerback for the Browns. Opposing teams seemed to stay away from him and he rarely gave up the big play. Last year, the Browns received additional help at the position in Sheldon Brown and Joe Haden. Teams started going after Wright at the beginning of the season, and forever reason, he looked completely lost. It was not the same Wright we had seen his first three years in Cleveland. It was almost as bad as Jake Delhomme's playoff collapse when he was with the Panthers a couple years ago. When Delhomme threw a pass the following season, you always had a bad feeling. With Wright, whenever a team targeted him deep, you had the feeling that it was going to result in a touchdown. It usually did, especially if your name is Anquan Boldin.

Why Keeping Him Could Make Sense: Let him shake it off and accept his new role as a backup behind Brown and Haden. I'd hope that a confidence issue would be a thing of the past by now, and having him on the roster still gives the Browns a pretty solid set of cornerbacks. We could also try to get him involved in some more blitzes, even though he only has one career sack.

What the Browns Should Do: I felt bad for Wright last year; no one wants to be stuck in that type of funk and feel responsible for single-handedly allowing the opposing team to produce several easy scores. I think his teammates are still behind him though, and with a shortened offseason, I'm not so sure teams are going to be knocking on Wright's door to make him a starter. His best chance to be on the field often is here in Cleveland, and I hope we can retain him.

Now it's your turn -- vote in the poll below on whether or not the team should try to re-sign Eric Wright!