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Cleveland Browns Free Agents

During the lockout, we went ahead and previewed as many of the Cleveland Browns free agents as we could. As it turns out, it seems that I made a mistake on three of the players. Veteran linebacker Chris Gocong, linebacker Titus Brown, and wide receiver Demetrius Williams all appear to be under contract in 2011, so you can disregard any previous discussions of them being free agents.

The next category that changed when it came to the lockout involved restricted free agents. Eric Wright was supposedly tendered before the lockout, but because he has enough years of service, he is an unrestricted free agent. Tight end Evan Moore, however, will have his tender stand. If another team tries to sign him and the Browns do not match their offer, Cleveland will receive a second-round pick as compensation. In other words, Moore is under contract with the Browns for 2011.

Did you know that there were only four clubs who franchised a player before the lockout? They were San Diego (Vincent Jackson), New England (Logan Mankins), Kansas City (Tamba Hali) and the Browns...with kicker Phil Dawson. The franchise tag stands, and if a team is desperate enough to sign him, Cleveland will jump for joy with two first-round picks as compensation.

With that in mind, here are the team's unrestricted free agents who the Browns can start negotiating with on Tuesday at 10:00 AM EST (our free agent preview for each player is listed beside their name):

List of Unrestricted Free Agents on Cleveland Browns