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Eric Weddle Made the Highest Paid Safety in Chargers


According to David Canter, the agent of Eric Weddle, the safety has agreed to return to the San Diego Chargers. What was his value compared to Quintin Mikell, who was signed to a tentative 4-year, $28 million deal by the St. Louis Rams?

Congratulations to DEC MANAGEMENT client Eric Weddle on becoming the highest paid safety in NFL history. San Diego Super Chargers

Isn't it nice when two players you are interested in, Charles Johnson and Eric Weddle, end up receiving ridiculous contracts? Hey, I can't blame those players for re-signing with their respective teams. It's times like this that makes me wish there was some sort of cap on regular players like there is on rookies now, but that's the breaks. I can't imagine Ray Edwards not getting a sizable deal after what we've seen in free agency thus far. Hopefully there will be some more updates as to whether or not the Browns are a contender to get Edwards by the end of the day.

The Browns still need a safety, and Abram Elam, Donte Whitner, and Michael Huff remain available.