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Jake Delhomme to be Released, Saves $2.3 Million in Cap

According to several reports, including the Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi, the Cleveland Browns will release quarterback Jake Delhomme on Friday. The team apparently informed the veteran quarterback of the decision today. Tony Grossi breaks down the specifics of what the Browns save in salary cap space by cutting Delhomme:

The move on Delhomme, which was expected, adds about $2.3 million in salary cap space. Delhomme signed last year for $12.4 million over two years. One-half his signing bonus of $6.14 million would count on this year's cap. But that is more than offset by erasing his scheduled base salary of $5.4 million.

That means Delhomme will still make $3.07 million this year from his signing bonus. When you subtract that from his base salary of $5.4 million, you get the savings of $2.3 million toward the cap. Grossi says the Browns have over $35 million they can spend. With that said, general manager Tom Heckert isn't going to just throw money at free agents to lure them here; he'd like to invest in some younger players.

"We've talked with a zillion guys the last couple days. We don't expect to be signing a bunch of guys," Heckert added. "Cap room's not an issue. We'd much rather spend it on our young players we like right now, that we have right now. We'll spend it. There's not a question of us spending the money."

We'll see what happens as free agency signings get set to take place on Friday.