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NFL Free Agency Open Thread and Recap

On Wednesday, we saw quite a few players agree to tentative deals. As we reported earlier today, one of the most noteworthy ones to Cleveland Browns fans was Eric Weddle re-signing with the San Diego Chargers (and becoming the highest paid safety in league history).

When it came to quarterbacks, Browns fans could breathe a sigh of relief that Mike Holmgren wouldn't pursue another one of his former quarterbacks -- Matt Hasselbeck is joining the Tennessee Titans and will be their new starting quarterback in front of rookie Jake Locker. Donovan McNabb, drafted way back in 1999 when Tim Couch was taken by the Browns, has another new team: the Minnesota Vikings. It looks like he might get the call over Christian Ponder. You also had Kellen Clemons signing with the Washington Redskins, but that's just an organization that throws darts at the board and hopes something works. Most of the time, the darts don't stick. With the Cincinnati Bengals needing a another quarterback due to Carson Palmer's retirement, they signed Bruce Gradkowski.

Note to DBN readers: use this as an open thread to discuss which free agents are still on your radar, or who you would love to see the Browns pursue, even if there haven't been any rumors about them. You can keep up with all the free agency signings at

Speaking of Washington, reports came in that they signed receivers Donte Stallworth, Brandon Stokley, and traded for Jabar Gaffney. Those were hardly the big-name receivers that signed with other teams though. The Seattle Seahawks grabbed Sidney Rice for $41 million over five years, and the Kansas City Chiefs got a big win by scoring Steve Breaston. I wanted Breaston last year, but it wasn't meant to be. The New Orleans Saints also ended up keeping receiver Lance Moore. Lastly, Santonio Holmes appears set to stay in New York, while Braylon Edwards is upset that management doesn't seem heavily interested in bringing him back. Must be because of the Michigan hatred, right Braylon?

The Carolina Panthers are making headlines by re-signing players from their two-win team last season to massive deals. They already rewarded Charles Johnson, and on Wednesday, running back DeAngelo Williams agreed to $43 million over five years while linebacker James Anderson agreed to $22 million over five years. How will Carolina get better this year? By Cameron Newton? They did sign kicker Olindo Mare for $12 million over four years though, so that could be the difference maker.

Rounding things out, the Redskins did make one good move by signing Barry Cofield, the Seahawks are getting guard Robert Gallery in an underrated move (IMO), the Pittsburgh Steelers are keeping Ike Taylor (no surprise), and the San Francisco 49ers are going to release cornerback Nate Clements. How the mighty have fallen.