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Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League 2011

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It's time for the fourth annual Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League! SB Nation and Yahoo! Sports have teamed up to bring you the official fantasy football league of Dawgs By Nature, and I'm sure those who participate will be thrilled to use their platform. There will be 12 teams again this year, and multiple leagues.

For the moment, this post is specifically about the "official" league, which simply means it is the one that I participate in. Simmsinns is also heading up a league on Yahoo for other members, and I think we can find someone to appoint as commissioner of a third league. More details after the jump.

Official Dawgs By Nature League

I want everyone who is interested in participating in the official league to respond in this thread. I will represent one of the 12 teams again, which means their are 11 spots available. I will give favoritism to some of the community members with more tenure or who have been active in the official league in the past. There's also one guaranteed open invitation to the winner of Simmsinns league last year, but they can pick any league they want.

Please make your request before August begins! That is the deadline for getting into this league; after that, if you were a former player, you'll have to settle on a different league.

Once we settle on who is in the league, we'll have more posts to decide the date/time of the draft, league rules, etc. We're still up for having some sort of inter-league championship at the end of the season, so feel free to brainstorm ideas on that too.

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