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So Long, Eric Wright - Headed to Detroit

Am I surprised that the Cleveland Browns did not end up re-signing cornerback Eric Wright? Yes, a little, and that is mostly because the team had tendered him when he was a restricted free agent before the lockout. The Detroit Lions only signed him to a one-year contract according to reports, so that tells me that Cleveland did not even have an offer on the table for him after the lockout.

UPDATE (4:27 PM): Per Mary Kay Cabot, the Browns did have a multi-year offer with more money on the table, but Wright turned it down. That isn't a huge surprise, because next year in free agency, Wright could command a larger deal if he does well this year. Also, he probably wanted out of Cleveland after the fans hating him last year.

Right now, the team has Sheldon Brown and Joe Haden as their starters. Who plays the third cornerback position behind them? Unless the team makes another move at safety, it won't be Usama Young, because right now he is penciled in as the starter. You could always try Coye Francies or rookie fifth-round pick Buster Skrine as the third cornerback and see how they do, but that seems a bit risky. I imagine the Browns will pick up some veteran for cheap when free agency officially begins.

Browns fans have already been discussing the loss of Eric Wright to the Lions in this FanShot, posted by Simmsinns.

I applaud Detroit for making the move they did. Here is what Pride of Detroit, our Lions affilaite, had to say about the acquisition (read the thread for fan reactions too):

While this is not a big-name signing like many were hoping for, it's not a bad move. Wright is a starting-caliber cornerback, and although he has had his struggles, playing with the Lions' great defensive line should certainly help in the future.

This marks the second time in recent history a former starting cornerback on the Browns went to Detroit. Previously, it was Leigh Bodden in the deal that brought Shaun Rogers to Cleveland.