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Caplan: Top 15 Defensive Free Agent Options

Last week, Adam Caplan posted an article featuring the top 15 defensive free agents set to hit the market once the lockout ends. He listed potential teams that might be interested in recruiting those free agents. For the Cleveland Browns, Caplan had four players in mind: DE Charles Johnson, DE Ray Edwards, S Eric Weddle, and S Michael Huff.

Caplan on Johnson & Edwards:

The Browns will be transitioning to a 4-3 defense this season, so they’ll need to sign at least a few veterans capable of playing in that scheme. Johnson, who turns just 25 on July 10, could draw interest from the Browns.


As mentioned above, the Browns will likely be in the market for a few veteran ends, so Edwards could be a target.

Caplan on Weddle & Huff:

The Browns have a big opening at safety with the expected departure of Abram Elam. The Browns could give Mike Adams another chance at the job. Weddle, however, would be an upgrade.


The Browns, as noted previously, have an opening at safety with veteran Abram Elam unsigned. Elam was acquired from the Jets to play in former head coach Eric Mangini’s defensive system, so it would seem unlikely that the Browns would re-sign him. Huff would give the Browns some badly needed speed in their secondary.

Obviously a great scenario for the Browns would be to score one of those defensive ends and one of those safeties, but I'm not anticipating us getting any of the players. I would be perfectly content if we were able to sign one of these four guys.