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Around the AFC North (7/5): Carson Palmer Sells House

In today's edition of Around the AFC North, we take a look at Carson Palmer further distancing his career from the Bengals, Donte Stallworth's thoughts on his time in Baltimore, and a little bit of Steelers history.

Cincinnati Bengals: Carson Palmer Sells His House

More evidence that the Bengals quarterback will not be back in Cincinnati: he sold his house, which resulted in a pretty big transaction. Bengals fans definitely be glad once the lockout ends, and not just because it means a return to football; all they have heard about during this stretch is the repetitive story that Palmer won't be returning:

According to reports in Cincinnati, Palmer recently sold his five-bedroom property on five acres in Indian Hill, Ohio, for approximately $1.9 million. He reportedly had been asking $2.1 million.

Baltimore Ravens: Donte Stallworth's Mixed Feelings

In the end, Donte Stallworth was a waste for Cleveland and a waste for Baltimore. The difference? We overpaid him, and the Ravens got him for nothing. Stallworth wishes he could've been used more often last year.

Stallworth grew tired of being relegated to a lesser role as the predictable guy to handle reverses rather than catch passes.

"Yeah, there's mixed feelings," Stallworth said in a telephone interview. "The organization was nothing but great to me. I appreciate the opportunity they gave me. The guys were great and the fans welcomed me. They tell me all the time they hope things work out for me and that I would come back. From the foot injury standpoint, it definitely derailed a lot of things that I was looking forward to doing."

Pittsburgh Steelers: A Feature on Some Steelers History

If you like reading about the historic moments in the history of franchises, even if it is for the Steelers, then this is the article for you.