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Full Squad Cleveland Browns Camp Scheduled July 10-12

The fourth offensive minicamp for the Cleveland Browns, led by quarterback Colt McCoy, was originally scheduled to take place from July 7-9. It appears as though that camp was cancelled and replaced with the much-anticipated full squad minicamp session that McCoy and linebacker Scott Fujita had been talking about the past couple of weeks, according to the Plain Dealer.

The Plain Dealer reports that 40 players are expected to attend the session, including defensive rookies Phil Taylor and Jabaal Sheard. For a lot of these players, it will be their first exposure to their teammates since last season. For others, it will be their first time meeting anyone. Fujita is happy to get things going.

Fujita said it's important to get the defense together because of the new 4-3 scheme defensive coordinator Dick Jauron is installing.

"Fortunately, I was able to get some materials and I'll be able to get up on the chalkboard a little bit," Fujita said. "All the guys I've talked to are really excited to get back to the X's and O's and getting ready for this season."

Training camp would typically get started at the end of July. Let's hope that is still the case and that this camp is just a primer to that.