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Poll: Would You Like to See the Browns on 'Hard Knocks?'

A couple of days ago, Cleveland Browns kick returner Joshua Cribbs was on the Sporting News' football podcast. He was asked whether he thinks the Browns should be featured on the documentary show "Hard Knocks" on HBO when the lockout ends, and Cribbs embraced the idea:

"Definitely — I would love for us to be on the forefront," Cribbs said. "That just gives us more motivation to want to succeed — to let them know, hey, this is what our team is about."

"We've got a lot of interesting guys on our team – especially with a new coaching staff, watching how our fans react and the players as well," Cribbs said. "Our (camp) would be like a real reality TV show. It will be some real drama and success stories in that."

Those reasons might make the Browns an interesting team to follow. With short preparation time due to the lockout though, it wouldn't surprise me if every NFL team turned down a request to appear on the show, just to ensure they can focus on getting back to football.