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Will Another Team Enter the Market for Jayme Mitchell?

In an interview with Pro Football Weekly, defensive end Jayme Mitchell talked about his time spent in Cleveland last season and what he plans to do when the lockout ends. We have already run a poll on Mitchell here at Dawgs By Nature, and an overwhelming majority of you voted that you want Mitchell back. The front office, specifically Tom Heckert, have stressed to the media that retaining Mitchell is a top priority. Is there a chance that Mitchell will end up in another uniform though?

Mitchell, 27, said that re-signing with Cleveland would be "a preference" but getting an opportunity to start would be paramount in his free-agency search. Mitchell, who is entering his sixth NFL season, has appeared in 29 games, all as a reserve. "I want to get somewhere I can start," he said.

Mitchell also told PFW about his thoughts on not receiving playing time under last year's coaches:

Mitchell told PFW he believes his inactivity in Cleveland was tied to his technique. He said that once he became better versed in the Browns' defense, he asked then-head coach Eric Mangini and then-DL coach Bryan Cox why he wasn't playing. The answers he received, Mitchell said, sounded like "a bunch of (crap)," but he also noted that the explanations could have been rooted in how the Browns employed their defensive scheme.

With that type of story, you might wonder why Mitchell would want to play in Cleveland. Here's why: Mangini and most of last year's staff is gone, and Tom Heckert, who expressed his frustration from Mitchell not playing to the media as well, has praised him a lot. I don't think another team will jump in to offer him a starting role like Cleveland might, but there's no guarantee that Mitchell will be back next year.