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Walker: Lack of Athleticism is a Reason for Concern

Last month, ESPN's AFC North writer, James Walker, wrote an column called "Hope and Concern," highlighting one positive and one negative for the Cleveland Browns. He mentioned the Browns' front office when talking about "hope" and the Browns' receiver situation when talking about "concern."

This month, Walker came out with round two of that column. His reason for hope is the team's installation of the West Coast Offense because it is more open than the offense under Eric Mangini and it fits our offensive personnel better. His reason for concern? The team's lack of athleticism on offense.

Says Walker:

Biggest reason for concern: Lack of athleticism

The Browns are one of the slowest teams in the NFL, and it shows in their receiving corps. Neither Massaquoi nor Robiskie is considered a speed burner who can get behind the defense. That makes it easy for opponents to defend Cleveland's offense and stack the line of scrimmage against standout running back Peyton Hillis. In my opinion, the ceilings for Massaquoi and Robiskie are not very high. Although the pair certainly can play better and work on consistency, what we've seen from them athletically the past two seasons is pretty much what the Browns have. It would help if Cleveland found a legitimate No. 1 receiver to take the pressure off Robiskie and Massaquoi.

The Browns are high on second-round pick Greg Little, who could help but might need time to develop after missing all of 2010 via suspension. Little is not a deep threat, but he's big enough and athletic enough to fight defenders for jump balls and can break tackles after the catch. Little potentially could bring the type of athleticism to the offense Robiskie and Massaquoi both lack.

This is basically a rinse and repeat of last month's concern when it comes down to it, because it complains about the team's receiver situation. Don't the reasons for hope and concern sort of go together? On one hand, we're "not athletic," but the West Coast Offense compensates for that.