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Bunkley Deal Dead; Traded to Denver

Well so much for the Browns new Defensive Tackle depth.

After not showing up for camp with the Cleveland Browns, the question was "where is Brodrick Bunkley"? Details are murky, but it seems that Bunkley had some sort of issue in coming to Cleveland. Bunkley has agreed to show up in his new hometown of Denver, after Denver has sent a draft pick to be named later.

With Bunkley never showing up in Cleveland, our trade was never finalized (most teams make players pass a pyshical before finalizing a deal. Tough to finalize a deal over the phone). The Browns keep their 5th round pick that was supposed to head Philly's way.

Where do the Browns go from here? A position that was looking solid now looks thin again. 

As for Bunkley, what a chicken-bleep move. He will fit right in with John Elway, who knows something about throwing hissy-fits.