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Devil's Advocate: Draft Terrelle Pryor

Yep. It's back. More addictive than cocaine and pop-rocks.

These are not necessarily my views, just the flip side of the coin.

  • Let's get it out of the way right now. Take off the sweater vest. Put your love/hate for Ohio State aside. I don't care that Pryor broke the NCAA's rules. I know he hasn't been found to do anything wrong, but let's be real here people. He broke rules at tOSU. But, he didn't break a single rule at tOSU that would keep him off a NFL field and that is all that matters here. Eric Dickerson did much worse at SMU, and that didn't seem to bother him, or anyone else, in the NFL.
  • If there was ever a year to use a pick on a supplemental selection, it's this season. Thanks to the Julio Jones deal, we have extra selections. Why not burn a third rounder? We won't be able to get all the rookies on the squad, why not use some in the back end for a potential gold mine?
  • To hell with Andrew Luck. If the Browns suck, we will be picking high and I assume the QB position will need to be addressed. What if we already addressed it before the season? What if Pryor comes in and wows the front office and coaching staff, yet we end up with the number one pick. We could trade that selection to another QB needy team (Miami, Buffalo, San Fran) for a HUGE bounty. I'm talking two firsts and two seconds here people. Ricky Williams territory. With the rookie salary cap the value of high picks is now sky high! We could set this franchise right, if we had Pryor. You're telling me that leaving the draft with a RT, CB, WR and an OLB in the first two rounds isn't sweet? That isn't taking into account the extra picks for the following draft. Grabbing Pryor now, would allow us to be flexible for the future.
  • Let me guess, you're probably thinking, "I wouldn't use anything higher than a 5th, 6th or 7th". Here is a list of names for you: Marquis Smith, Daylon McCutcheon, JaJuan Dawson, Travis Prentice, James Jackson, Melvin Fowler, Chris Crocker, Charlie Frye, Travis Wilson and Colt McCoy. That is all the Browns 3rd round draft selections since 1999. Is there one person on there you wouldn't trade for a possible franchise QB?
  • What if McCoy is as good as we hope? This selection would STILL pay off. Kevin Kolb was just traded for a second round pick and a starting CB. AJ Feeley was traded for a second round pick. Matt Schuab, two second rounders and a jump in the first round. Anyone want to guess what the Patriots will get for Ryan Mallet in two seasons? I'm guessing at least a second rounder. Quarterbacks are always needed. If McCoy becomes awesome, then we have trade bait. If not...
  • Don't freak out, but what if McCoy isn't good? I know that sounds crazy, but it is possible, if not probable. Pryor has all the measurements you would want out of a QB and more. So what if his throwing motion looks like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite? So does this douche bag, and he just threw for 4,700 yards. I haven't even mentioned that we possibly possess the best Front office/coaching staff combo for QB's in the NFL. Are you telling me that you wouldn't trade JaJuan Dawson for a shot at having Terrelle Pryor being coached by Holmgren and Shurmer? I just peed a little thinking about it.
  • God love the man, but name me the last QB to go to Ohio State under Tressel and leave a bona fide NFL prospect? Troy Smith? We saw how that worked out. Maybe, just maybe, Pryor hasn't gotten the best coaching in college. Don't you want to see him with top of the line coaching? We are talking about a guy who is 6'6 240lbs! DeMarcus Ware is 6'4 260. Did I mention that he ran a rumored 4.3 at tOSU?
  • What if the cynics are right. He just doesn't have what it takes to be a NFL QB. He looks horrible in pre-season and mop-up duty. No one will even give us a conditional drat pick for him. Then throw him out at WR. with that size and speed, he would be a match-up nightmare. Just ask Texas.
  • You may think he is a dick. You may think he is arrogant. But he is a once in a lifetime athelete. There is a reason why he was in Sports Illustrated when he was in High School. There is a reason his college announcement was considered the greatest of all time. Because he is special. The Browns need special players. For a third? Why is this even up for debate?

Not saying you have to agree, but it is intriguing, no?