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Cleveland Browns Training Camp Report: Day 12 - Massaquoi Removes the Cast

Kudos to rufio and Bernie19Kosar, who have just put out posts about what to expect from our offense this year and a reason why the team should hypothetically draft quarterback Terrelle Pryor. My computer still has not returned to life, and I've narrowed it down to either a fried motherboard or a processor gone bad. I have to decide whether to buy a replacement motherboard, or to use this time to purchase an entirely new machine. In the mean time, I'll try to keep up with posting as best as possible. Today's training camp report highlights a step forward for one of our wide receivers.


    Gedc0297_jpg_medium   Wide receiver Greg Little made a big play Wednesday (photo credit: National Football Authority, Daniel Wolf)
  1. Bring Out the Boot: One of the top stories from today's training camp reports involved the team's No. 1 receiver, Mohamed Massaquoi. He still did not participate in practice, but the cast was removed from his right foot and replaced with a walking boot instead. This is supposedly a step forward for Massaquoi, who is projected to start practicing again after this week's game against the Packers.
  2. Alford Carted Off the Field: The cart had to be brought out Wednesday morning for rookie offensive guard Dominic Alford, who apparently sustained a back injury. Linebacker Chris Gocong missed practice again with a neck stinger, and defensive end Jayme Mitchell sat out with soreness in his left knee. And, this should go without saying, running back Montario Hardesty did not practice again.
  3. Little Gets the Crowd Roaring: When a big play happens in practice, you know it because every reporter makes sure they mention it. Today, the one that got the crowd roaring was Colt McCoy throwing about a 50-yard pass down the field. While the throw was not perfectly in stride, receiver Greg Little outjumped safety Usama Young and came away with a touchdown. Grossi said, "no one else on the team comes down with that pass."
  4. Third Stringers Get in On the Fun: Where were all of these deep passes when I went to the practice sessions? Third-string quarterback Jarrett Brown used his rocket of an arm to complete two passes deep down the field, and on one of the players, Brown had rolled to his right to avoid defenders. The passes were completed to Rod Windsor and L.J. Castile.
  5. Dockery Stands Alone: When it comes to undrafted free agents, wide receivers are the "camp" names who usually stand out the most because offense is flashy. So far, there has been one undrafted free agent to make some noise in this year's camp, and it could spell trouble for Coye Francies' roster odds: cornerback James Dockery. Dockery added two more solid plays to his resume -- a deflection on a pass by Seneca Wallace, and an interception to end Jarrett Brown's two-minute drill.
  6. Gedc0330_jpg_medium  Dick Jauron coaches up the defense (photo credit: National Football Authority, Daniel Wolf)

  7. The Other Two-Minute Drives: Above, I said that Brown's two-minute drill ended with an interception. Colt McCoy's two-minute drill ended with a 51-yard field goal that went wide by Jeff Wolfert. Wolfert has some redemption when Seneca Wallace ran the two-minute drill, as Wolfert connected on a 41-yard field goal.
  8. Moore Dazzles Again: Maybe we should only mention Evan Moore when he makes a bad play, because otherwise, this is going to start sounding repetitive. Moore had a "brilliant leaping sideline snag" on the first play of team drills that went for about 25 yards, according to reports.
  9. Sheard Gets "Something" on Thomas? How dare he! Check out Daniel Wolf's recap where he believes rookie Jabaal Sheard might have finally broken the barrier of getting an edge on Joe Thomas on one play, with the assistance of a fellow defensive lineman.
  10. Weather Remains Nice: When I went to Monday's practice, I predicted it would end up being the best day weather-wise of camp. It looks like I was wrong. The past two days have been even cooler temperature wise in Cleveland, so hopefully that lessens the amount of fatigue and injuries we end up seeing.
  11. Brownies: I'll have a post a little bit later on that discusses the team's first depth chart (for the Packers game)...running back Brandon Jackson had a rare drop that was then almost intercepted by linebacker D'Qwell Jackson...the Browns are scheduled to really start preparing for their game against Green Bay during Thursday's session.

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