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Official DBN Fantasy Football League - Game On

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It is great to see that we were able to get four fantasy football leagues going on Dawgs By Nature this year after only having two last year. The competitors in the Official DBN Fantasy Football League are now set. After the jump, you'll see the list of the players who are competing in the league.

Official DBN Fantasy Football League Members

  • AllOneNacho (rufio)
  • Columbus Flyers (Ryan Kelsey)
  • Dawg Nuts (Dawg Nuts)
  • Like-A-Bronie (BrownDawg1409) - new member
  • MIDAS (notthatnoise)
  • Pokorny Unleashed (Chris Pokorny)
  • Rock Steady (Villesgrl) - new member
  • The Brown Note (The Brown Note) - new member, won unofficial DBN league last year
  • The Tuba-Taylor Wall (Bernie19Kosar)
  • TheDriveStillHurts (TheDriveStillHurts) - 2010 league champion
  • Vandelay Industries (Buckeye Brad)
  • Vicious Geeks (Brownsyup) - new member

Our draft is currently set for Friday, August 19th, at 8:30 PM EST. This would take place during the Browns' second preseason game next week. Everyone in the league was competitive last year because they were able to attend the draft live and craft their own rosters, so I hope that is the case this year too. After dominating the regular season of fantasy football for several years, my team struggled last year, so I'm definitely looking to shake off the slump and rebound with a championship.

We can use this thread to discuss other things, such as scoring rules that need to be changed, roster settings, or just general fantasy football talk.

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