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Joe Thomas Talks About Colt McCoy's Progression

Cleveland Browns left tackle and all-around beast Joe Thomas was on The Really Big Show this morning on 850 WKNR. A transcript of the interview has been posted here; I've included some highlights about quarterback Colt McCoy after the jump.

How impressed he was with the offense in the first preseason game:

"I was impressed myself. You can’t read too much into it because it’s preseason and there’s pretty minimal game planning, but the sharpness and the tempo with which the offense worked, the way Colt was as efficient as he was making all the right reads, the way we kinda just moved the ball up and down the field, it was good. I’m impressed with the way we’ve grown in only two weeks and a lot of that credit needs to go to the coaching staff, but I think the players kinda stepped up to that challenge because we did miss all the offseason."

Whether or not Colt McCoy is the quarterback that can take the Browns where they want to go:

"Well there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s the guy that can do it. He’s very impressive in the huddle, he’s very impressive in the meeting room, his leadership, he was a born winner and that’s all he knows. He’s the type of guy he’s coming in here to win day one. That’s what we need. He’s not looking down the line a couple of years he’s saying ‘let’s do it this year.’ All he knows is wins and that’s what he demands in his teammates. That’s just talking about intangibles, but on the field he is just as incredible."