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No Surprise: Cleveland Browns Still Have $30.4 Million They Can Spend

All offseason, Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert said that the team would not be very busy in free agency. After hearing how much cap space the Browns had at the conclusion of the lockout, I think there was a sense of optimism that the team would try to go out and spend the big bucks on a top tier free agent. They haven't. Heckert has stuck to his word and made the Browns one of, if not the quietest team in free agency.

Because of that, the Browns still have the third most available cap space at $30.4 million, according to Pro Football Talk. Heckert previously stated that he would rather invest the team's money in the young talent currently on the roster. One of those players is going to be left tackle Joe Thomas, who is a free agent after this season.

It was originally believed that teams would have to spend at least 90% of the salary cap this year. In reality, that rule does not go into effect until 2013. The league as a whole still needs to spend at least 99% of the cumulative cap though, so I'm guessing a couple more teams will still need to do something. Could one of those teams be the Browns? Brownsbacker488 just made a nice post about free agents still available, and there are a handful of guys on that list who could help solve some depth issues on the team. Heckert's been playing things very low key, but there's still time to make a few more good additions.