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Reggie Hodges Carted Off the Field

According to those in attendance, Cleveland Browns punter Reggie Hodges suffered an injury on the fourth day of training camp Tuesday morning. Grossi went through the play-by-play of what happened to the veteran punter:

Hodges had taken a snap from center during a practice drill and was attempting to punt when his left leg appeared to give out and he collapsed to the ground. Trainers were looking at his left leg and knee on the field, then he was placed on the cart and taken to the training facility.

In his press conference following practice, head coach Pat Shurmur said that the injury occurred to Hodges' left foot and that his condition would be evaluated. You don't want to hear about any injury, but without Hodges having been touched, a food injury sounds less damaging than a leg or knee injury, right? Cleveland will probably sign a punter later today so they can have someone available to punt for at least the next couple of days in training camp.