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Fantasy Football: Official Dawgs By Nature League Draft Results

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I'm thrilled that we have so many members participating in DBN-affiliated fantasy football leagues on Yahoo! Sports this year. I think the leagues are another good way to strengthen the already-great community at this site. The "official" Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League had their draft this past Friday. Which teams came away with the best rosters? Find out and vote, after the jump...

Listed below is be a mini-review of how each team's draft went. The order in which the teams are listed are not based on a ranking, but rather the order of the snake draft. Unfortunately, we had several players miss the draft this year after going a perfect 12/12 last year.

  1. TheDriveStillHurts: Our defending league champion was randomly awarded the first overall pick in the draft, a pick he used on Adrian Peterson. I'm glad I wasn't in this position, because I'm always nervous about running backs staying healthy. Plus, I'm not sold on Minnesota's quarterback situation and what it could mean for Peterson. With that said, I don't disagree with the pick; Peterson's obviously proven to be a pretty consistent fantasy threat.

    Last year, I thought TDSH went with a lot of young players. This year, he mixed it up with a lot of veterans. His other running backs include Steven Jackson (a good value at the start of round three) and Cedric Benson. He sprinkled in a few younger guys as backups for now (Danny Woodhead, James Starks, and Pierre Thomas), but I'd find it difficult to start any of those guys over the veterans.

    I'm not too sold on the receivers chosen. He took Reggie Wayne at the end of the second round, but later selected Brandon Lloyd, Percy Harvin, and Malcolm Floyd. I think there is no way Floyd matches last year's productivity, Floyd is a third option in San Diego, and Harvin only had one touchdown last season. I'm not too high on the Jets getting the ball to TDSH's tight end, Dustin Keller, either. I think getting Matt Schaub in round four was a wise move, but not enough to convince me that TDSH can repeat as league champion.

    Browns Players: N/A

  2. notthatnoise: With the auto-draft on, he was awarded running back Arian Foster. His other primary two running backs included Shonn Greene and Frank Gore, which means he screwed himself at that position by not making the draft. I'd hate to have to depend on either of those guys to win a fantasy game.

    The receiver situation looks pretty shaky to me too, led by Dez Bryant and Jeremy Maclin. I have my doubts that Maclin will have the same type of season he did last year. His next best options? Jordy Nelson of the Packers and, get this, Braylon Edwards of the 49ers. He was also stuck with Ben Roethlisberger as his starting quarterback...and Joe Flacco as his backup. Can a player hate their auto-drafted fantasy roster any more as a Browns fan? I think NTN will need to make a few moves to improve this team.

    Browns Players: N/A

  3. Ryan Kelsey: I think the auto-draft for Ryan was much kinder to him. He was awarded Jamaal Charles at third overall, a guy who I think might be the best fantasy option out there. His next pick is an absolute machine at quarterback in Philip Rivers, as the Chargers will always put points on the board. His third pick was running back Matt Forte, making a pretty good start to the draft. Unfortunately, things went downhill from there. His only other running back option? Rookie Daniel Thomas of the Dolphins.

    At wide receiver, things don't get much better. His late-round selection of Mike-Sims Walker could be a sleeper, but I'm weary of Kenny Britt - I think he was the beneficiary of a few great games last year. His other penciled in starter is Sidney Rice, who barely played last year and is now on a Seahawks offense without a top-tier quarterback. The best player on this roster after the original three is tight end Jermichael Finley. If he stays healthy, I think he puts up the best tight end stats in the league.

    Browns Players: N/A

  4. Bernie19Kosar: Another auto-draft? BOO!!! All things considered, I think Bernie has to be happy with how the auto-draft worked out for him. He got quarterback Tom Brady in the third round, and he always has the potential to be the league's top producing fantasy quarterback. His top two receivers, Hakeem Nicks and Stevie Johnson, appeared to be two of the league's youngest stars last year. Nicks should produce again, but Johnson might be a question mark.

    Bernie is only "good" at one running back position with Ray Rice. He needs to hope that one of his other two selections -- Ryan Grant or DeAngelo Williams -- pans out, otherwise he'll be looking for help pretty early in the season. His tight end is former Brown Kellen Winslow.

    Browns Players: N/A

  5. BrownDawg1409: It was weird that picks 2-5 were auto-picked, but the teams after this were all present. BrownDawg made out like a bandit for not showing up. His first three picks were Chris Johnson, Drew Brees, and Miles Austin. I know Austin was a huge disappointment last year, but with Tony Romo back in Dallas, you have the potential for top five players at running back, quarterback, and wide receiver right there.

    He seems strong at the other receiver positions too, getting Mike Williams (of Tampa Bay), Brandon Marshall, and Tony Gonzalez as his tight end. Hines Ward (BOOOOO!!!) is also in the mix at receiver. For his surplus of receivers, he still managed to get a semi-decent second running back in Fred Jackson. He has no one behind Johnson and Jackson. That screws him on bye weeks, but he's in pretty good shape besides that.

    Browns Players: WR Brian Robiskie, DEF Cleveland (*note, both were picked up after the draft)

  6. Buckeye Brad: It's tough going for a wide receiver in the first round with the sixth pick, because you know there are several running backs who, at the end of the season, will put more fantasy points on the board. The bust rate is high though, so Brad went with Andre Johnson and still managed to get Rashard Mendenhall with the 19th pick in round two. I think the Tony Romo pick in round three was a little shaky, but he saved himself by following that up with a steal in Matthew Stafford in the seventh round. I had planned on taking Stafford as my second quarterback two picks later.

    Brad's other players include Santana Moss, Santonio Holmes, Jahvid Best, and Jonathan Stewart. I'm hesitant to put faith in any Detroit running back for a full season, so I think a second running back issue might develop here. He seems well-equipped at receiver though, capping things off at tight end with Owen Daniels.

    Browns Players: WR Greg Little

  7. Brownsyup: This is the first team that really jumped out at me as championship material so far. He took Aaron Rodgers in the first round, and I'd feel pretty confident that Rodgers will finish in the top three of fantasy quarterbacks. You can't go against a consistent thrower (and a runner) like that. His running backs might not be flashy coming out of the AFC West, but Darren McFadden was a monster when he was healthy last year and Ryan Mathews should get better stats in San Diego's system in year two. I like the depth at running back with Ryan Torain of the Redskins behind them.

    The tight end position stands out with Vernon Davis, one of the league's top receiving tight ends. I really like the wide receiver selections of Vincent Jackson and Wes Welker. Jackson should break out for San Diego again, and Welker will always be a go-to-guy for Brady. When Peyton Manning is healthy, receiver Pierre Garcon is an acceptable backup option due to how often the Colts throw the ball. His backup quarterback is also someone who has been having a tremendous preseason.

    Browns Players: QB Colt McCoy

  8. The Brown Note: I was really interested in seeing how the Unofficial DBN League Winner from last year did now that he was promoted to the official league. His draft selections were interesting to say the least. He began the draft by taking two receivers, Calvin Johnson and Roddy White. I don't think anyone can call those guys bad fantasy options. His third option at receiver (Michael Crabtree) had a decent season last year. If he ever lives up to his potential, this trio can be dangerous. Tight end Jason Witten only improves the group.

    The Brown Note really decided to stock up on running backs who flourished last year out of no where, and running backs who could flourish this year. His starters right now are LeGarrette Blount and Marshawn Lynch. His backups include -- get this -- five guys. Those players would be Mark Ingram of the Saints, Brandon Jacobs of the Giants, Ryan Williams of the Cardinals, Montario Hardesty of the Browns, and Donald Brown of the Colts. I can tell that The Brown Note plans on making his success by crafting an underrated roster as the season moves along.

    Can I complain about his quarterback? It's Matt Cassel. I don't think "fantasy quarterback" when I think of him, but the guy threw for 27 scores last year.

    Browns Players: RB Montario Hardesty, WR Mohamed Massaquoi

  9. Chris Pokorny: Now this looks like Championship material. This is the happiest I have been with one of my drafts in awhile. I was able to snatch up a lot of the players I wanted. My first pick turned out to be Michael Vick. He rescued so many fantasy teams last year, and I'm kind of stunned he isn't being drafted higher in this year's drafts. I don't think he's the best pure quarterback in the league, but he throws the ball well enough and adds on a ton of rushing yards. The Eagles' defense is built to give the Eagles the ball more often, meaning more opportunities for Vick. The guy wasn't even a full-time starter last year and had a ton of points.

    I can proudly say that I was the first person in the league to take a member of the Browns -- running back Peyton Hillis in the second round. I feared that I might not get another good running back, but to my surprise, BenJarvus Green-Ellis was still available in round four. I know the Patriots switch running backs so often, but he's the go-to-guy at the goal line and has already scored a few times in the preseason. My other two options at running back include Reggie Bush and Thomas Jones, both of whom I selected late. I refuse to believe that Jones is done as a contributor, and I think Bush could end up being Miami's featured back with some success.

    At receiver, I don't expect Dwayne Bowe to have as great of a season as he did last year, but even three quarters of the production makes him a top fantasy threat. I really wanted Chad Ochocinco of the Patriots too. With the Patriots being a winning franchise, I think we'll see a much-more motivated and tame Ochocinco. I don't envision a Brady-to-Moss type of production, but I think it'll be enough to make him a good fantasy threat again. My other receivers are A.J. Green and Donald Driver, giving me a young option and a veteran option as backups.

    It probably looks a bit odd that my roster has three tight ends. Dallas Clark is my clear starter, but I think Brandon Pettigrew will be a top-NFC tight end if Stafford stays healthy. I took Tony Moeaki with my last pick, just because I think there's a marginal chance he'll be the Chiefs' second leading receiver this year.

    I know kickers and defenses tend to get overlooked, but I think I got the best options available with Rob Bironas and Green Bay. My backup quarterback, Josh Freeman, isn't bad if Vick goes down either.

    Browns Players: RB Peyton Hillis
  10. rufio: As the draft was taking place, I think I failed to realize just how well-rounded of a team rufio was putting together. Michael Turner in the first round with the tenth pick was a steal in itself probably, and getting Matt Ryan in round five (who now has Julio Jones as another target) was the icing on the cake. At receiver, I don't think he went wrong with DeSean Jackson and Marques Colston, who were taken in rounds 3-4. He didn't take another receiver until rounds 11-12, but still managed to get the underrated Davone Bess and Nate Burleson there.

    What about his backup running back? Just some guy named Maurice Jones-Drew. He was a bust last year, but only because most people drafted him so high in the first round. He can easily rebound this season even if the Jaguars don't contend. He also managed the Cowboys' Felix Jones. There is your best 1-2-3 running back punch in the DBN league right there. His tight end is Marcades Lewis, who had ten touchdowns a year ago.

    Browns Players: TE Benjamin Watson

  11. Villeslgr: Ouch. Sorry, but I think this team went the wrong route. First, he is stuck with Peyton Manning, which could cost him week one if he is out and doesn't have other fantasy guys to pick up the slack. He chose not to take his first running back until the fourth round, and that was Knowshon Moreno. Moreno is probably at the bottom of my list of starting running backs. His other running backs? Beanie Wells, Michael Bush, Mike Tolbert, and Ronnie Brown. I don't know who you can start out of that group.

    The strength of this team are the top two receivers, Greg Jennings and Mike Wallace. Austin Collie and Mario Manningham make good third and fourth options after them, but the starting tight end is...Evan Moore? I thought about drafting Moore in the late rounds myself as a sleeper, but I don't know if you can bank on him as the starter.

    Browns Players: TE Evan Moore, K Phil Dawson

  12. Dawg Nuts: Ah, last, but not least, we have Dawg Nuts. He seemed a little bummed that he had the final pick of round one, but he made it work. I often forget how good LeSean McCoy is on the stat sheet, and his immediate pick after that was Larry Fitzgerald. If Kevin Kolb can accurately deliver the ball in the vicinity of Fitzgerald, those two guys will rack up points every week. Dawg Nuts' quarterback is Eli Manning, selected in round five. His interceptions are tough to deal with, so hopefully he cuts down on those.

    Before Antonio Gates got hurt last year, he was my fantasy hero. Dawg Nuts should pray that of all the players on his roster, that Gates stays healthy. The guy is a mismatch against anyone he goes up against, and Rivers isn't afraid to keep throwing him the ball. Dawg Nuts managed to get Plaxico Burress, someone I wouldn't have minded stashing on my bench in a late round in case he flourishes. Ahmad Bradshaw is a good second option at running back, and Joseph Addai as the third guy works if he doesn't suffer more injuries. He did take Pittsburgh's defense though, so BOOOOO!!!

    Browns Players: N/A

I think everyone can view the full drafts here. Vote below for the person who you think had the best draft or put together the best fantasy roster!

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