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Three Browns Listed in Top 200 Players

Scout Inc. ranked the top 200 players in the NFL. How many of them were members of the Cleveland Browns? In total, three players made the list. One player was a definite, but the other two were a little bit further down the list.

No. 9 - LT Joe Thomas - Thomas is an excellent combination of size, strength and athleticism. He has great instincts and reactions. His technique is strong for such a young player, and he obviously takes his craft seriously.

No. 171 - C Alex Mack - Mack is one of the best young offensive linemen in the NFL. He easily adjusted mentally to playing center at this level and is an excellent all-around technician who obviously takes his craft very seriously.

No. 184 - RB Peyton Hillis - Hillis is a big, strong, deceptively athletic player with great vision and instincts. He has outstanding power to move the pile. Hillis has great in-line vision and foot agility to make timely cuts between the tackles.

I'm not surprised to see Thomas or Mack on the list, as both have played very well since coming into the league. Hillis might be a bit of a surprise to me after just one season of success; I mean, even Michael Turner was listed a spot behind him, and he's done it longer than Hillis has. Missing from the list is Joshua Cribbs, probably because of his injuries and lack of highlights last year. Also missing is cornerback Joe Haden, but it's probably fair to make him prove himself for a full season as a starter.

Hat tip to Vezoma for posting this as a FanShot.