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Dave Zastudil Signs With Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Browns Cardinals signed another former member of the Cleveland Browns today. This time, it was punter Dave Zastudil, who was not retained last season due to how well Reggie Hodges had performed. Fans speculated that the Browns would try to sign Zastudil when Hodges suffered a season-ending Achilles' injury at the beginning of training camp, but Zastudil reportedly has a strained oblique muscle. It was unclear if he would be healthy enough to sign anywhere by the start of the season.

That is where Richmond McGee came in. All punter have to start somewhere, but you still hate to see the guy shank several punts in training camp and the preseason so far. Zastudil is presumably good enough to punt now, so I wonder if the Browns not reaching out to him gives any indication as to whether McGee has "won" the role of the team's punter.

Personally, this might be the best-case scenario for Cleveland. The Cardinals already have Ben Graham on their roster, a seven-year veteran who has punted the past two years for Arizona. Zastudil has more experience, but he might just be there to offer some competition to Graham. This gives the Browns a chance to evaluate how Zastudil does over the next couple of weeks with Arizona. If he ends up getting released but was healthy, then the front office will have the opportunity to bring him back if McGee still isn't cutting it.