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Should NFL Games Be 18+?

I'm going to get this out of the way right now. I don't have a kid. I hope to have some in the future, but as of right now, no little ones to speak of.

Some of my greatest memories were of my father taking me to Browns games and sitting in the Dawg Pound. Saw my first middle finger and heard my first F bomb there. Somehow, I survived.

But that seems like child's play now. For instance, the Raiders-49ers game that featured brawls, beatings and shootings. Granted not every game has shoots, but the point remains.

And it's not like it was a isolated incident. What about the Eagle fans pelting a 49er fan with snowballs because he wore a niner jersey to Lincoln Financial?

Before you point the finger, it happens here too. Hell, even Toronto Bills fans get in on the fist throwing. Not even sunny San Diego is immune. Name the place, it happens there. Cowboys? Check. Redskins? Yep. Detroit? Even women get into the act.

So my question is, why not make NFL games 18 year old minimum?

I don't want you to get the feeling that I think these idiots are in the right by any means. It's a shame that some idiots ruin it for the 99.9% of people that are able to hold their booze and their tempers.

But let's not pretend that you haven't seen something like this at a NFL game before. Stadiums need more security. Not the rent-a-cop security that is a 65 year old retired teacher security either. I'm talking heavy-duty security. What about separating fan bases? Reserve a batch of seats for the opposing team, and stash them there. Allow them to be around each other. I'm sure they would like it more there as well. I don't know, I throwing out ideas here.

I will freely admit that I drop numerous obscenities while watching the Browns (many, many more when Delhomme was in), and if I was at the stadium, I probably wouldn't look around for kids before I dropped a "WHO THE F&*$ WAS THAT TOO?!?!".

This isn't baseball. Baseball is slow paced, calm and very fan friendly. Football is adrenaline. Loud music, alcohol and the finest athletes on our planet doing their damnedest to rip each apart. Try not punching something after watching this. Baseball is dipping out of work early and grabbing a beer and singing "take me out to the ballgame". Football is Terry Tate.

Is this a place for a kid? Why does a kid need to be 18 years old to see a movie with nudity, but can walk right into a game with swearing, drinking and physical violence? I don't blame you if you do take your child, but aren't the risks outweighing the rewards at some point?

I don't believe for a second that taking kids out of NFL stadiums will hurt the game. Kids can watch from the house until they reach that age, then Pops can take them to a game. I mean, waiting until your 18 hasn't hurt strip clubs right?

Maybe I'm off here, but I think that NFL games should be 18+ and security should be heightened. You get in a fight, you go to jail. Not "stadium jail" where you sleep it off, I'm talking Big Boy jail with Big Boy consequences. Wouldn't you like to go to a game where you could curse when your team screws up and throw a bird and Hines Ward when he comes dancing by?

I'm interested to hear what other fans have to say. As a guy who watches every Browns game from his couch these days, what about the Sunday warrior that is in the stadium every Sunday?