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Grossi: Robiskie Now Holding Down a Starting Spot; Final Roster Projection

Earlier today, I read an article by Tony Grossi of the Plain Dealer in which he asked seven questions that fans might be wondering, and answered them based on the way things have gone in the preseason. His first line in response to a question about receivers stood out to me:

3. How is the receiving corps breaking down?

Brian Robiskie probably held down a starting spot with a good outing Thursday night. When healthy, Josh Cribbs appears to be the other starter. Rookie Greg Little would join the mix in three-receiver sets.

That was posted late Saturday night. Less than a week earlier though, Grossi wondered if Brian Robiskie was falling out of the rotation at the receiver position, as discussed in last week's edition of, "The Sunday Five" here on Dawgs By Nature. I'm not sure how you can worry about Robiskie after he doesn't get the ball one week in a preseason game, and then suddenly be pretty convinced that he's held down a starting spot after a couple of catches on one drive the following week. As I stated a week ago, I've felt that Robiskie's status has not changed at any point in camp.

Grossi also listed his 53-man roster projection, and there are some interesting numbers on it: four running backs [necessary due to Brandon Jackson's injury], six wide receivers, four tight ends, and six linebackers. Wait a minute, this is looking awfully close to my previous roster projection. Speaking of which, I'm deciding whether I will do my next roster projection after the Browns cut their roster down to 80 players by Tuesday. Then, I'll do one final projection after the final preseason game.