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Poll: Which Position Worries You the Most?

Injuries have played a big role in the preseason for the Cleveland Browns right now, and there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to deciding how deep certain positions are, or when/if players will return.

The wide receiver position was a big concern heading into camp, but is that still the case after considering the injuries to three players at the safety position? What about the linebackers not having much experience after the starters, and Chris Gocong and Titus Brown being injured? What about the backup running back situation, now that you have an injured Brandon Jackson and injury-prone Montario Hardesty? What about the punter position, which can really change a team's field position during a game? What about the offensive line now that Eric Steinbach could be out for the season? Heck, right now, it seems like the defensive line is solid, although there could be some concerns that our defensive ends won't do well against the run.

After the jump, vote for the position that worries you the most.