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Browns Make Several Roster Moves, Including a New Punter

The Cleveland Browns spent Wednesday holding tryouts for punters in Berea. One of those players who was trying out was undrafted free agent Rob Lang, but instead the team decided to go with Texas' Richmond McGee.

McGee, however, is not a rookie by any stretch of the imagination despite not having played in an NFL game. He went undrafted in 2006 and spent training camp with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2008. McGee then went to training camp with the Chicago Bears in 2009, playing for the team's new special teams coordinator, Chris Tabor. McGee was good enough to warrant a spot on the Bears' practice squad in 2010 (how often do you hear that?) and was just waived two days ago.

Because McGee has had some experience with two organizations with connections to the Browns in both places, I'd say that he is a prime candidate to be the team's new punter this year. Tom Heckert said the team would still pay attention to the waiver wire when other punters get released and that McGee would need to compete for the job.

In other moves, the team waived two linebackers -- Derrick Addai and Alex Wujciak, both of whom were undrafted free agents. They were replaced with linebackers Archie Donald and Eric Gordon, both of whom are also undrafted free agents.  Lastly, punter Reggie Hodges was officially placed on the injured reserve.