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Cleveland Browns: Predict the Roster Shockers

Last year at the beginning of training camp, we ran a post called, "Predict the Roster Shockers," which featured one surprise cut and one surprise roster addition that you thought might happen when the 53-man rosters are unveiled. I was wrong on both of my predictions last year, because Eric Barton still made the final roster, while Bobby Engram did not. Anyway, here's what you do:

  • Do not predict the entire 53-man roster.
  • Pick one player who you think might be a "surprise" roster addition. The addition does not have to be a new player.
  • Pick one player who you think might be a "surprise" roster cut.
  • Your picks need not be over-the-top; just pick players that you think would at least warrant some buzz, such as, "oh, I thought they were/weren't a roster lock." In other words, don't say "I'm cutting Peyton Hillis" or "I'm keeping Colt McCoy." ***

***mooncamping excluded

I'll start it off...

Surprise Roster Cut

WR Carlton Mitchell - The reason this is a surprise? There is reason to believe that this guy could develop into a quality receiver. Based on early indications of training camp, he's already shown improvements over last year. The issue is that even though the team kept six receivers last year, it's hard to imagine them doing it again this year when they have injury problems at other positions. Mitchell could still make the practice squad if someone else doesn't claim him off waivers.

Surprise Roster Addition

LB Auston English - An undrafted free agent, English is currently fourth on the team in tackles in the preseason with eight. He also has two sacks, two tackles behind the line of scrimmage, and has forced two tackles. Given the injury issues the Browns have had at running back with Chris Gocong and Titus Brown, if they don't sign a veteran off waivers, then English could sneak onto the roster.


Now it's your turn. Make your picks!