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Browns Give Game To Bengals 27-17

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A busted huddle on defense allows the Bengals to take down the Browns 27-17.

After a horrible first quarter, the Browns bounced back in a big way in the second, scoring 14 points to take a 14-13 lead. 

Rookie Quarterback Andy Dalton was knocked out of the game at the end of the first half after being sandwiched between rookie DT Phil Taylor and rookie DE Jabaal Sheard. Behind Bruce Gradkowski, with 4 minutes in the 4th quarter, the Bengals broke their huddle while the Browns were still milling around discussing the defense. Bengals popped a quick snap, and threw deep to AJ Green who was uncovered, and he walked into the endzone.

It was the only catch for Green, who was blanketed all evening. Cedric Benson had a late TD as the Bengals were running out the clock.

This one hurts.