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Report: Brad Maynard to Replace Richmond McGee at Punter [UPDATE: Confirmed]

Veteran Brad Maynard could replace Richmond McGee at punter.
Veteran Brad Maynard could replace Richmond McGee at punter.

UPDATE: According to's Jason La Canfora, the Browns have agreed to terms with Maynard.

According to a report by Jeff Schudel of the News Herald, the Cleveland Browns are going to have veteran Brad Maynard as their new punter when practice resumes on Wednesday. There has been no official report of Maynard signing yet, so we shouldn't feel 100 percent confident that Maynard will be the guy against the Indianapolis Colts. On Monday, Pat Shurmur alluded to a possible change at punter.

"We're going to make some decisions," said Shurmur. "It will become obvious, I'm sure. I wouldn't say (McGee) has lost his job right now, but we're evaluating."

Maynard has been in the league for 14 years. His first four years were with the Giants, and his past ten years were with the Bears. Let's not kid ourselves and think that Maynard will make us a great team when it comes to punting the ball. Last year, he had the worst punting average in the NFL at 40.1 yards per kick. With the Browns having Joshua Cribbs on special teams again though, he's the type of guy who can make a punter look better. And, as long as Maynard doesn't shank the ball over and over, he's better than McGee.