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Richmond McGee Placed on Injured Reserve

Note: We already reported earlier today that the Cleveland Browns signed veteran punter Brad Maynard.

Our punters are cursed, apparently. The Browns placed Richmond McGee on the injured reserve Tuesday, ending his season. This is the second punter the Browns have lost due to injury this season, and the third in the past two years.

Richmond McGee suffered a herniated disc in warm ups prior to Sunday's game and punted the whole game without much feeling in his right leg, his agent said today.

I believe McGee, and considering the circumstances (he is well-aware that fans "hate" him), I do feel bad for the guy. I noticed that after almost every punt, McGee looked agitated, as if something wasn't quite right. This also explains how McGee punted the ball terribly on Sunday compared to what he did in the last two preseason games. I wonder if McGee was trying to put an extra "oomph" into his punts during warmups in excitement. Either way, Maynard is the guy now, so hopefully he offers more stability.